If you are looking for something fun and creative to do to help dispel the boredom of those dull winter days, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Arts organisation Kaleidoscope will be kicking off the new year in style with a brand new programme of online creative classes and workshops exclusively for older people. The classes are presented by Imagine Arts and will be hosted right here on Greysnet.

The classes will cover a selection of colourful and creative pursuits including creative writing, singing, movement and mindfulness. Each of the courses will be led by experienced professional tutors and will be fully interactive so participants can engage with the tutors and the other participants.  And best of all the classes are completely free, thanks to the support of the Belfast City Council.

The classes will begin in January 2022 and will continue until the end of March. Here’s a look at what’s in store in the first few weeks. Keep an eye on the website as more classes will be added in the coming weeks!

Feel Good Moves (starts Friday 14 January @ 11pm and continues weekly)

Get the weekend off to a positive start with a little light movement and music in the company of the wonderful Charmaine.  Charmaine uses the power of dance and movement to create a positive sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. “Listening to your favourite music and getting the body moving helps to lift your spirit and makes the body and mind feel good. So join me for a series of workshops – moving to feel good.”

Singing with Vessie  (starts Thursday 13 January @ 11am and continues weekly)

Join award winning choir mistress Vessie Ivanova as she helps participants to improve their singing voice and experience the pure joy of singing with others. Participants will learn breathing and body exercises, expression and storytelling to improve their performance skills. The group will explore songs from different genres and learn about different styles of singing.

Mindfulness Meditation (starts Wednesday 12 January @ 11.30am and continues weekly)

Meditation is the practice of paying attention to the present moment. Evidence has shown that a regular meditation practice can have innumerable benefits such as improved relationships, a better ability to deal with the stresses of life and overall improved well-being. This course draws on practices from various traditions. Each week our tutor Orla will introduce a different techniques so that participants learn how to adapt a practice that suits their learning style and enjoy bringing meditation and mindfulness into their daily lives.

Creative Writing (Starts Wednesday 12 January @ 6pm and continues weekly)

Our wonderful creative writing tutor, Karen Quinn, will be teaching you everything you need to know to help you have a go at creative writing, or if you’ve already begun your journey as a writer, Karen will help you to develop your skills with a plethora of hints, tips, techniques and ideas.

Step by Step Drawing (starts Thursday 20 January @ 11am and continues weekly)

Join tutor Grace Haynes for a step by step introduction to the world of pencil drawing. This course is a four-week programme based around building skills in pencil drawing through studying the natural world around us. The theme for each weekly session is based around our native wildlife both animals and plant life.

How to Take Part

The Imagine Arts classes are free to take part in and there’s no need to sign up in advance just go to the “Classes” section of the Greysnet website, choose the class you want and use the ZOOM link on the classes page to join the class at the start time. It’s easy and fun so why not give it a go!

You can find out about all of the courses by logging on to the “Classes” section of the Greysnet website and searching for the one you want.