How would you like to spend a few pleasant minutes floating ethereally through the corridors of the Victoria and Albert Museum as Richard E Grant reads to you from Alice in Wonderland?

Yes it is just as weird and wonderful as it sounds.

After weeks of being stuck indoors, a wander through London’s fabulous V&A Museum with its unique collection of art, sculpture and fashion sounds like just the thing to relieve the boredom and revive the spirits. Unfortunately, it may be a while before we can take such a pleasant journey in person.

Well, fear not, because The Mental Health Foundation has come up with a wonderfully imaginative way to bring a little piece of the museum into your home.

In a series of short films entitled Wander, famous voices accompany you around a selection of museums, galleries and other beautiful places.

The first two films feature Oscar nominee, Richard E. Grant, reading Alice in Wonderland as we drift through the corridors of the V&A. The overall effect is rather dreamlike and lovely.

Part One
Part Two

Stay tuned for future episodes featuring Kew Gardens and the Royal Albert Hall.

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