Here it is, the next instalment in our hugely popular Creative Writing series, brought to you as always by the brilliant Karen Quinn. This week the subject is dialogue and, while I don’t want to put words in your mouth (although that is rather the idea), I think you’ll certainly agree that it’s one of the most fascinating forty five minutes you’ve ever spent.

“Remember” the teacher announced in her characteristic Southern Irish lilt, which had become so familiar over the last few weeks, “to have your pens and paper ready so you can join in”.

“Oh and by the way” added the man from Greysnet, just as the class was about to begin, “if you’re new to the Creative Writing Course, you can find the other episodes here.” The teacher gave him a withering look and he slinked back into his chair, “sorry miss.”

“Well, if there are no further interruptions,” chimed the teacher, “let’s begin.”