If you’re a fan of the great outdoors then this one’s for you. Chris Packham, popular naturalist and host of TV programmes like Spring Watch, has created a new online birdwatching community called the Self Isolation Bird Club and nature lovers across the country can’t get enough.  The aim of the initiative is to create a virtual space for birdwatchers and enthusiasts alike to share their pictures and videos of wildlife captured from their homes, gardens and local areas.

“Reconnecting with nature is important during this time and I’d encourage everyone to spend some time engaging with the natural world, whether it be from their window, or in their garden,” says Chris.

The Self Isolation Bird Club is active on Facebook, where it has amassed more than 20,000 members already and on Twitter where members of the public can share their pictures and videos using the tag @SIBirdClub.

Every day, the public capture and post incredible moments such as barn owls evicting jackdaws that had attempted to squat in their nest box; sea eagles being mobbed by red kites; hedgehogs scurrying under garden furniture; and adders emerging into the spring sunshine.

From beautiful blue tits in the garden to the sound of robins singing, the videos and photos showcase the best of the great outdoors.

Fun Fact

“Twitcher” is the friendly nickname given to the species “Ornithologist”, more commonly known as the “bird watcher”.